CSP Partners

Partnerships in all our Neighborhood Engagement Areas (NEAs) are the true driving force of the Community Safety Partnership policing model. Our partners share a holistic collective approach to creating healthy communities in all our neighborhood engagement areas.

As we continue to expand our partnerships amongst community stakeholders, educators, clergy, non-profit organizations, local gov agency, youth advocacy, and others, our enhanced community capacity will provide us with a true sense of shared responsibility for the future of our communities.



Los Angeles Police Dept.

The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to serving the community while protecting the rights of all persons. Consistent with this commitment, the Department’s Vision, Mission and Core Values, in concert with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and the Department’s Management Principles, reflect the guiding philosophy of the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Housing Authority City of LA

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) was established in 1938 by City of Los Angeles Resolution No. 1241. HACLA has grown to become one of the nation’s largest and leading public housing authorities, providing the largest supply of quality affordable housing to residents of the City of Los Angeles.



City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is a Mayor-Council-Commission form of government, as originally adopted by voters of the City of Los Angeles, effective July 1, 1925 and reaffirmed by a new Charter effective July 1, 2000.  A Mayor, City Controller, and City Attorney are elected by City residents every four years.