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Community Safety Partnership (CSP) officers address the root causes of crime through a commitment to relationship-building rather than relying solely on traditional crime suppression methods.  Relationships are fostered through a commitment to fair and kind treatment of community members, as well as the genuine demonstration of care and compassion for the overall health of the community.  The CSP officers are entrusted to build sustained, generational relationships, and work in collaboration with community members and stakeholders to address long-term problems.  The relationship-building strategy is intentional and extends to those in the community who may be “hardest to reach.”  


CSP officers operate within a team of internal and external partners that co-craft and jointly deliver a wrap-around public safety plan tailored to fit the needs and reflect the unique qualities of the community within each respective CSP Neighborhood Engagement Area.


COMMUNITY calendarS per site

Avalon Gardens

Gonzaque Village

Harvard Park

Imperial Courts

Jordan Downs

Nickerson Gardens

Pueblo Del Rio

Ramona Gardens

San Fernando Gardens

South Park


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