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The Community Safety Advisory Council (CSAC) concept represents a collaborative forum hosted at each Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Neighborhood Engagement Area (NEA).  Each CSAC is composed of area residents, institutional partners, community stakeholders, and community-based organizations.  Meetings are hosted monthly and are designed to amplify the community’s voice, while identifying and addressing the fundamental public safety needs and issues at each CSP NEA.  Through a commitment to partnership, issues are identified, corrective strategies are developed, and the achievement of measurable outcomes becomes a shared responsibility of all CSAC members, memorialized in each site’s unique Strategic Safety Plan (SSP).

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Community Safety Advisory Council (CSAC)

  • A collaborative forum hosted monthly at each CSP Site

  • Comprised of area residents, institutional partners, community stakeholders, and community-based organization

  • The CSAC is designed to identify and address the fundamental public safety needs and issues within the community

  • Public safety needs and issues are addressed in shared partnership to bolster collective efficacy, enhance community capacity, and achieve measurable outcomes as documented within each site’s unique Strategic Safety Plan (SSP)


CSAC Member Eligibility Requirements

  • Commit to regular attendance at all CSAC monthly meetings;

  • Demonstrate a willingness to participate and work in collaboration with other CSAC members;

  • Be inclusive and respectful of all CSAC members;

  • Embrace a “shared responsibility” approach to addressing the community’s public safety problems and concerns;

  • Follow through on assigned tasks contained in the SSP; and,

  • Provide timely feedback and necessary updates to the CSAC and community as it pertains to public safety and community health and wellness.


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The Strategic Safety Plan (SSP) workbook supports each CSAC in determining the most effective response to community public safety issues and cultivating positive, actionable outcomes to produce community health and wellness.  The SSP is not set in stone, but is dynamic and subject to revisions, and captures the initiatives, activities, milestones, and partnerships needed to accomplish public safety goals.  The SSP serves as a roadmap for long-term, sustained partnerships between the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the communities we serve.  The workbook contains a variety of exercises, but most importantly, emphasizes the critical role of community members in the design and implementation of their respective SSP.

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