Play It Forward and CSP bring sports equipment to schools in Watts

Officer Harrell, assigned to Imperial Courts, has developed a relationship with Play It Forward Foundation. Harrell encouraged all elementary schools in Watts to apply for the grant to receive sports equipment from the Play It Forward Foundation. On August 26 Play It Forward Foundation loaded up their Uhaul truck and headed to Watts to distribute the equipment that they worked tirelessly for gathering donations in order to make this possible.

CSP officers helped distribute footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, as well as hula hoops. The officers also enjoyed playing kickball, basketball, soccer and throwing the football around in each school they visited. The LAPD and CSP appreciates the kindness and commitment the Play It Forward Foundation has displayed and we thank them for providing this opportunity to the children in Watts.

Schools Visited:

Compton Ave Elementary

Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary

112th St. Elementary

Flournoy Elementary

Ritter Elementary

Grape St. Elementary

Charles Barett Elementary

Starting the school year will be much more fun for the kids going to schools supported by Play It Forward. This year they have expanded their reach to underwrite schools to Watts. The expansion of the program would not have been possible without the support of the LAPD Watts Division and the Community Safety Partnership (CSP).

Play It Forward Website

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