Scholarship Award Reception

The scholarship recipients and their guests filled the USC Carso Catholic Center for the Annual Scholarship Award Reception. There was a trio playing classical music in the background as residents mingled and ate dinner. Three selected students gave heartwarming speeches about how the Housing Based Day Supervision program and staff helped them succeed. Soon after all of the students were awarded with their scholarship certificate and a medal by the President and CEO of HACLA, Douglas Guthrie. These students reside in different housing developments within Los Angeles and will be attending a variety of colleges this fall. The Housing Authority awarded 27 scholarships to students on their way to further their education.

17 of the Scholarship recepients are from CSP and HBDS (Housing Based Day Supervision).

4 - Jordan Downs (CSP), 3 - Ramona Gardens (CSP), 4 - Nickerson Gardens (HBDS), 3 - San Fernando (HBDS), 3 - Pico Gardens (HBDS).


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