CSP Ramona Gardens

On March 7, 2015, Officers’ Felix/Salas took (8) third grade students from Santa Teresita School


to see “The Tortoise and the Hare” play at the “Assistance League Playhouse” theatre. These students were selected by Principal Sister Mary Katherine for good behavior and attendance. CSP Officers work closely with Santa Teresita School to reward those students that excel in school and set a good example to others. The students had a great time and they all shared their favorite part of the play with each other.


Through HACLA/CSP's sponsored football program, we have coached and worked individually with each player and their grades. One player that stood out amongst the rest, resides in the Ramona Gardens Housing Development. His name, Fabian Maciel. Fabian not only became our MVP player, but drastically improved his grades all around. After observing his dedication and determination, Ofcr Quezada wrote a letter of recommendation to Salesian High School in regards to him. We met with the school Principal and met with admissions personnel to work on getting him on board to the high school. We worked with Fabian and his family regarding his entrance exams, admissions application, and interview. We went over step by step on how he should conduct himself in a professional matter in regards to his interview. After weeks of waiting for entrance results, we obtained a phone call from Fabian Maciel. He was officially accepted to Bishop Mora Salesian High School! We are now in the process with meeting with HACLA Commissioner Lou Calanche to help him with financial aid. Fabian has started a major leap in achieving his goals and has become a model for others to follow in Ramona Gardens.


On Saturday March 7, 2015, the CSP Ramona Officers had the pleasure of taking the CSP Ramona Girl Scout Troop, led by SLO Mishell Harvey-Dixon and her partner Officer Estupinan, to the 2015 UCLA Gymnastics Girl Scout Day. At the event, the CSP Ramona Girl Scout Troop participated in a presentation to the audience along with all the Girl Scouts in attendance. The girls and the officers enjoyed the event and the girls stated they were happy for our involvement.



On January 24, 2015, the CSP Ramona Girl Scout Troop, along with the RAC, CSP, SEA, HACLA and community volunteers participated in the 2015 Ramona Gardens Community Clean-Up. Gardens A highlight was when several adults near unit 66, grabbed brooms and cleaned their area alongside unit 66 and the adjacent parking lot with the girls. When other community members saw the effort of the girls and volunteers, they were inspired to join in.




CSP Ramona Gardens SLO Sergio Salas and Officer Felix’ Folkorico team’s practice.

The girls practiced their moves after being off for Christmas Vacation. The Girls number has grown from 8 to 15.



Officer Mungcal and SLO Wences take to the Basketball Court at Santa Teresita in Ramona Gardens during the Boy’s Basketball Team’s 1st Practice. SLO Wences and Officer Mungcal personally coached the Team through the season.

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