HACLA's Program Recognized by the White House, LAPD Officers Invited to the State of the Union A


“HACLA’s Program Recognized by the White House, LAPD Officers Invited to the State of the Union Address”

JANUARY 20, 2015 -- The Housing Authority’s Community Safety Partnership (CSP) program with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has received national recognition in the past for its role in creating a more collaborative atmosphere in some of the most challenging housing developments in the City. HACLA is pleased to share that the White House has highlighted the program by inviting Captain Phil Tingirides and his wife Sergeant Emada Tingirides as guests during tonight’s State of the Union Address at the U.S. Capitol. The LAPD and HACLA established a partnership to build a sustainable program to change the dynamics of police and residents. Fast forward three years, the proof is in the way residents feel about their community and how police view their role in the community. Civil Rights Attorney Connie Rice with the Advancement Project helped shape the program and proudly speaks about the progress of the participating communities to national audiences. According to Captain Tingirides, "The officers go into the housing developments with the intent NOT to make arrests, but to create partnerships, create relationships, to hear the community and see what they need and then work together with HACLA to make those things happen."

This collaborative program includes HACLA, the City's Gang Intervention and Youth Development office and the LAPD. The program encourages officers to work side by side with residents and community members to develop and implement sustainable programs, eradicate crime, address quality of life issues. There are 10 permanent officers in each of the four public housing developments. HACLA is particularly pleased with the focus on youth. The CSP program helped establish a football team in Watts where police officers serve as the coaches of the Watts Bears. There are a number of educational and recreational programs that are ongoing as a result of the dedication of the officers. The Housing Authority is pleased to be able to support this program and expand it in 2015!

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