Celebrating Community Safety Partnership's One Year Anniversary

An Improved Quality of Life Through Building Trust and Partnerships



November 15 - Hundreds of people gathered at USC to celebrate the successes of the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Program. A collaborative program between HACLA, LAPD and the Mayor’s Gang Intervention and Youth Development office, CSP launched last November 2011 with hopes of improving relationship between the residents of public housing communities and the Los Angeles Police Department.

“The officers went into those developments with the intent not to go in and make arrests, not to go in as a taskforce but to go in and create partnerships, create relationships, to hear the community and see what they need and then work together with HACLA to make those things happen,” said Captain Phil Tingirides. “So far from the police department’s standpoint, because our primary mission is crime reduction, the results have been absolutely phenomenal.”


The Authority signed a Memorandum of Agreement with LAPD to place 45 permanent police officers at four public housing communities (Nickerson Gardens, Imperial Courts, Jordan Downs, and Ramona Gardens). This is an opportunity for officers to work side by side with residents and community members to develop and implement sustainable programs, eradicate crime, address quality of life issues all while simultaneously bridging the gap between the community and the LAPD.

Civil rights attorney Connie Rice and co-founder of the Advancement Project gave the night's keynote speech sharing that althgouh significant progress was made, there is more work to be done. The Housing Authority would like to recognize the following persons for their contribution to the sucess of this program; LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger Deputy Chief Bob Green, Councilman Joe Buscaino, Commander William Scott, Commander John Sherman, Captain Phillip Tingirides, Captain Gerald Woodyard and Captain Ortega. Sergeant Emada Tingirides, Affliction clothing company, Menesha Packaging- Chris and Pam Gibbons, Pastor Jose Hernandez of Hope Central Watts.

The CSP takes community policing to a new level. Officers become integrated into the community they serve and residents become active participants in the identification and prevention of crime. Community policing promotes better communication and understanding. The residents and officers are partners resulting in more effective policing.

One of the most rewarding programs that Nickerson CSP officers developed this past year was USC Project Los Angeles Youth (PLAY), in conjunction with undergraduate students from the University of Southern California. Nickerson youth meet with USC students every other Thursdays for a tutoring/mentoring session on campus at USC.

While Nickerson CSP officers anticipated making an impact on the lives of the youth living in Nickerson Gardens, they overlooked how big of an impact they could make on others they were bringing into the community. USC students wrote a heartfelt letter to the officers thanking them for the incredible experience. The officers said they were humbled that their endeavors inspired others to get involved with the Nickerson community.

In addition to helping the Nickerson kids with their schoolwork every other Thursday at USC, the USC students lead the children in educationally oriented activities designed to promote leadership, teamwork, and social-building skills.

CSP officers have enrolled youth at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Tigers Woods Education Center and regularly take youth on educational field trips exposing them to life outside of the community.

Source: Media Relations

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